My Story: “Seeing A Picture Of Myself Changed My Life Forever”

Many of us women know when we look “cute” before we head out.  And birthday’s are no different: you put on your favorite outfit, your best makeup and go out “knowing” you look your best.  But for Valerie, when she saw a picture of herself on her 30th birthday, something changed inside of her. got in touch with Valerie to see what happened and how she did it.
BDO: Was there a defining moment that made you want to lose weight?

Valerie: The defining moment for me was seeing a picture of myself at my 30th birthday party in Miami (pink dress.) I was in shock and pretty upset with myself. How did I get to 280lbs?!? Seeing that picture and hitting that huge milestone age of 30 changed my life forever.

BDO: How did you start losing weight/getting healthy?

Valerie: Research! After my 30th birthday I sat down for hours and just did research. I learned how changing what I ate, my portions and starting to walk for an hour a day could greatly jump start my weight loss. So I researched caloric deficit and portion control and got started. I walked for an hour a day and stayed away from fried food, processed food and fast food. I also dramatically changed my portion sizes. I started eating 5-6 small meals a day instead of 3 large meals.

Valerie on her 30th birthday

Valerie on her 30th birthday

BDO: What was/is the hardest part you had to face about losing weight?

Valerie: The food! I love food. Getting to the gym was easy. It was being strict for the rest of the day that was a struggle for me. What worked best for me was planning out my meals for the day, in the morning. I was strict with myself. If it wasn’t written down, I didn’t eat it! I logged all my meals on My Fitness Pal.

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BDO: How did your relationships change once you lost weight?

Valerie: My husband loved that I was getting healthy and happy. I was miserable when I was obese and quite sad all the time. He even started working out with me. My friends enjoy watching my journey and a few of them have even started their own journeys.

BDO: What is your favorite guilty pleasure food?

Valerie: Five Guys! I always go there for my cheat meals! I have always been in love with a good burger and fries.

BDO: If someone was trying to lose weight like you, what 3 things would you tell them?
Valerie: 1. Do research! There are so many FREE nutrition and cardio/lifting programs out there. Not everyone can…