Naomi Campbell’s Lesson In Hair Loss

Beautiful supermodel Naomi Campbell has graced the covers of the worlds top fashion magazine for decades. Having an incredible shape, smile and skin, the 44-year-old beauty makes it look easy.  But it was a photo of Naomi vacationing in 2012 that showed what appeared to be a receding hairline. Florida hair surgeon Dr. Alan Bauman, who never treated Campbell, said the former supermodel appears to be suffering from traction alopecia — hair loss due to extensions.

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“Extensions, weaves, anything artificial hanging on hair — no matter whether you attach it with glue, special magnets, tape — it’s going to cause damage over time,” Bauman told “And unless you give your hair a break from those extensions, it won’t rebound.”


Bauman said the weight from extensions pulls on a person’s natural hair over time, causing it to rip out by the root. The hair follicle can be damaged or destroyed — in some cases, permanently. In the latter case, the only option is a hair transplant, which involves moving healthy hair follicles from one part of the scalp to the damaged area.

“Being in the public eye and beauty business, her hair has to look amazing 24-7, and she’s worn extensions for many years — decades even,” Bauman said. “I guess you could call it a hazard of the job.”

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With the decades of damaging hair treatments, products, that black women undergo, it’s more than likely that many could suffer from some severe form of traction alopecia by middle age. In fact, various haircare experts have estimated that two-thirds of black women will suffer hair loss by the age of 50. That’s why we’ve created these tips to help protect your weave.

Be Style Conscious
Before purchasing your hair extensions, consider the maintenance and upkeep of the hair type. If you want long and straight hair that will flow down your back, be sure you have the time to style it. If you don’t have the time and you know you won’t put forth the effort to keep those locks intact, the curly ‘spray and go’ hair might fit your lifestyle better. Also consider a texture that will blend well with your own texture of hair.

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Diversify Your Texture
If you want to achieve a more natural and fuller look instead of just long and flat, know that it’s okay to blend textures that are similar to one another. High quality human hair can be used and you don’t have to worry about tangling and matting.

Protect Ya Neck 
Don’t neglect your real hair once you’ve weaved it all up. Be sure to apply a nourishing oil to your edges like Ojon’s Restorative Hair Serum at night before wearing your silk scarf. This will ensure the preservation of your fragile scalp and hair.

Beware Of Product (Overload)
If you’re used to using tons of product on your hair, stop it…now! Very little product is needed on premium hair. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a little styling cream and you’re done. Remember, simple is better.

Naomi recently touched on the wear and tear a body and hair goes through with age. She realizes aging is inevitable, but she’s also committed to getting older with grace and health. “”I think a lot of it is just wanting to prevent, preserve and maintain.”


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