Natural Hair Care Maintenance

A woman with long, natural hair in twists smiling and relaxing on her bedEveryone wants to know the secret to healthy hair. There is no magic potion. Certain elements must be present, however, in order for your hair to be its healthiest. Our hair needs air, water for moisture, the sun’s rays and the earth element, which would be you. And just as we must protect our world in order for our lives to flourish, we must also keep ourselves healthy with proper diet and nutrition and drinking lots of water in order for our hair, nails and skin to be its healthiest. It is that simple.

Short Hair Styles
Never thought the afro would come back in style? Well it has! And it is here to stay. Short hairstyles such as afros, short boy cuts, and fades are ways to keep it natural and simple. These styles are easily maintained. They require trimming or cutting about every two weeks or according to your hair’s rate of growth. These styles can also be washed and conditioned daily depending on your lifestyle and desire.

To wash your hair, wet the hair and rub a natural shampoo all over to clean the hair and massage the scalp as well. Rinse and repeat if needed. Then add a leave-in conditioner or hot oil treatment of your choice and use according to package directions.

Pat hair dry with a towel and then comb and style as desired. If a hot oil treatment was used, no further oil is required. But if you used a leave-in conditioner you would want to oil your hair and scalp with natural oils or natural grease. Sit under a hooded dryer or blow dry.

Conditioners are often a source of confusion for some. Hot oil treatments provide the hair with conditioning by lubricating and protecting the hair shaft providing it with moisture. You would warm the oil then apply it to the hair. The length of time left in would be according to package directions. You would then rinse the oil out and style as desired. Ideally hot oil treatments can be given once a month. There are also natural leave-in conditioners that strengthen, repair split ends (yes even natural hair can have split ends) and rejuvenate color treated tresses. Leave-ins can be used daily for strong, soft hair.

Tie hair up at night with a silk or satin scarf to keep hair from matting while you sleep. This regular maintenance will keep your natural do healthy!