My Story: "5 Natural Hair Myths I Thought Were True"

4.  Wouldn’t look as professional…

Women who rock a natural, work in many professions ranging from teachers to lawyers. As long as your hair is tidy, and you feel confident, it’s professional. Straight hair does not always equal neat and curly, natural hair does not always mean messy. I’ve learned that natural hair (just like any other hair) can be presentable, beautiful, and professional.

5.  Walk in light rain without an umbrella…

Sprinkles and sparse showers seem harmless enough, but my hair is moisture sensitive.  So if my hair is already dry, even a few droplets turn my cute curls and coils into fuzzy frizzies.

At the end of the day, you need to be comfortable with whatever hairstyle you have.  As long as you don’t look down or frown upon any other person’s hairstyle, love your own. And you may not want to listen to what “they say” and form your own opinion.

I’ve been natural now for over 8 years and I love it! Love YOUR hair journey, no matter where it takes you!