Natural Relaxers, Wash 'n Go Relaxers – Do they exist


A woman with natural hair posing near mountains, wearing sunglasses
What is it with theses so-called wash ‘n go relaxers and natural relaxers.  The natural relaxers promise no straightening chemicals just natural ingredients, while the wash ‘n go relaxers promise convenience.  This is becoming the latest quest:  To find a product that will straighten the hair without damaging it.  

Here’s What You Had To Say About Naturalaxer

I have been using the Naturalaxer for eight months and it does everything it promises and more. It does not break the bonds in your hair, so you always maintain your natural curl pattern. It softens the top cuticle of your hair so you can wear it naturally curly or wavy(without the frizz) or blowdried straight.
Unlike chemical relaxers, the Naturalaxer leaves your hair extremely shiny and soft to the touch. There is a marked difference in previously chemically-relaxed hair and hair that has been relaxed with Naturalaxer. Hope this helps.
 P.S.  It can be used on all textures of hair–fine, medium, and coarse.–Pat George

I have used the Naturalaxer in my hair. The purpose of the naturalaxer is to loosen the curl, not really to straighten the hair. Depending on the type of wave or curl that you have in your hair, the Naturalaxer can straighten your hair with just a mild application. For example, if you have really loose waves, the Naturalaxer will straighten your hair. If you have a tighter curl, it may be necessary to use a hair dryer (and either the medium or the maximum) to get the hair straightened. However, you dont actually have to use the hair dryer straighten your hair if you don’t want to.I have used the Naturalaxer and my hair has grown from being really short back to almost the length it was before I cut it. I don’t use a hair dryer in my hair and the Naturalaxer makes my hair really easy to comb, and it give you the option of being a natural sister.The only thing I don’t know is whether it will damage your hair or not. I have had positive results from using this product. –Druscilla Dasent

Consumers do not have to blow dry their hair to get it straight with the
Naturalaxer.  I have a friend you used it and she wrapped her hair after
applying the Naturalaxer and it got straight. Keep in mind that it is heat
activated.  There are alot of people who use this product and loves it.  I
am getting ready to try it myself.  I’ve used the African Wonders product line and they are great.–Nikita Owens

I have very kinky hair but it is thin. Most hairdressers overprocess my hair or damage it because it looks so kinky. I tried Avlon’s Ferm Curl products but I was tired of the wetness. I recently tried African Prides Naturalaxer (Mild). When I blow dry my hair and curl it with a curling iron it is pretty straight. The product itself is not as harsh on my hair so I don’t have a lot of breakage. The straightness lasts for about a week (even when it’s raining). I prefer Naturalaxer because I would still have to blow dry and curl my hair if I had a chemical relaxer. The only problem is I would like to wear my hair natural sometimes but this product does not straighten my hair enough to wear it natural.

I had been contemplating whether or not to try the Naturalaxer,  until I
read this column in “Natural Corner” about others’ responses to Naturalaxer.  I was finally convinced to try it.  And I loved it.  I could also tell a significant difference in my 5 to 6 inches of new growth and my previously relaxed hair.  I’ve been growing my hair out natural for the past 9 months but haven’t cut my permed hair out yet (waiting for some length) and got to a point where I was getting tired of the “half natural-half permed” look (couldn’t hide my new growth any more).  So I searched the internet over and came across Naturalaxer.  Being afraid to try out a new product that I’d never heard any of my fellow peers try, so I waited…  That’s when I saw this column and went for it.  As someone else said, it really does what it says.  I have shoulder-length, very thick coarse hair (usually need a super strength perm) and I ordered the mild Naturalaxer because #1, I was nervous and #2, like I said, I am trying to go natural once my new growth gets long enough for me to wear it that way, so I didn’t want it to straighten out my hair.  I simply needed a product to help keep the bulk down so that I couldcontinue wearing press and curl styles before I go completely wash and wear natural.  And it worked.  My family and friends noticed a significant difference in my hair.  Plus I’d rather use a gentler and healthier, alkaline-based texturizer like Naturalaxer than a chemically harsh perm any day.  My hair has suffered enough damage in the past as it is.–
Danyelle Headen