Naturally Cleanse, Freshen & Lighten Your Underarms

woman under arms deodorant seriousTry any of these natural methods for fresher, cleaner and lighter underarms:

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Apply cider vinegar

The pH levels and acidity levels in ACV are not only great for sloughing off dead skin, helping to get rid of dark skin under your arms, it keeps your pores clear and kills odor causing bacteria.

Potato juice

Did you know that potatoes are like natural bleach? Try rubbing a potato slice under your arms after a shower on a regular basis. You are bound to see your dark skin fade.


Ever heard of using milk in a DIY face mask? Well, the same goes for your arm pits! The lactic acid is a great exfoliant and acts as a deep cleanser. Try applying cold milk to your underarms daily, or just when you want a cool, refreshing cleanse.


Lemons, like ACV, have high acidity levels that make them great for exfoliation. They are also known to remove pigmentation, hence why lemons are often used to lighten hair. Ever use a lemon to clean your hands? That’s because they are great for killing germs. Try a slice or two under your arms. In the warm summer months, keep some sliced lemons in the fridge. This is great for a refreshing feel.

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Lycopene counteracts the actions of free radicals, causing tomatoes to be a great antioxidant for the skin. They are also known to have skin lightening properties. Use slices of tomato under the arm for at least 15 minutes at a time to begin to see a difference.


The properties in an orange make oranges a great toner and astringent. Try making the orange peel into a scrub, giving it a double whammy as an exfoliator, too!


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