New Year, New You: Becoming A Happier Healthier You In 2020

If it doesn’t bring you love, peace, or positive energy, stop entertaining it. It would be a disservice if I only talked about the typical “I want to lose weight” new year’s resolution. We are beyond that. While making the resolution to drop some pounds is good, what’s even better is getting your entire life right inside and out for the new year. This means putting yourself first, making better decisions, and taking yourself out of your comfort zone and getting out of your own way.

Whether you know it or not, you control the direction and outcome of your life; so why not shift to a direction that is going to be full of happiness, peace, abundance, and success. Here is your guide to preparing and living a happier healthier your in 2020.

1. Self-Reflection

The best way to clear the slate for the life you plan to create for the new year is to self-reflect. This means sitting with yourself and taking account of what has and hasn’t worked for you the past year. Identify what can be