3 Sexier Ways To Burn Calories

woman dancing to musicWorking out doesn’t have to feel like a chore or be boring! You can burn some serious calories (and have more fun) outside of the traditional gym routine. Here are three sexy alternative workouts that will help you get fit and shed the weight in no time!

1. Pole Fitness

Pole dancing was once a taboo act reserved solely for the smoky atmospheres of what used to be underground strip joints, but in modern society,  pole dancing – or pole fitness – has become a mainstream form of workout for avid and novice gym goers alike.

Pole dancing has been featured on several mainstream talk shows from Oprah to Good Morning America, and according to the International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA), “is an activity that has evolved into an exercise embraced by professionals, performers and the average alike.”  It takes great core and upper body strength to climb a pole and to perform the tricks often associated with a class,  so it’s no surprise that pole dancing has been associated with building muscle tone and sculpting the upper body as well as the abdomen.

Within a single class, women can burn from 250 to 650 calories and over a period of time participants can increase flexibility and build self-confidence.  Not to mention burning fat and inches! Talk about a sexy way to get into shape! Grab your favorite pair of comfortable heels and yoga shorts and hit the pole!