My Story: “No Weapon (MS) Formed Against Me Shall Prosper”

Patricia Bush-Wilson

Patricia Bush-Wilson knows that multiple sclerosis (MS) doesn’t have to stop a person from enjoying life, but MS does slow her down at times with many days of familiar fatigue and spontaneous symptoms. After being initially diagnosed with MS in 2007 at the age of 40, Patricia experienced a seven year symptom-free journey without any pharmaceutical drugs.

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“My job was to learn all I could about MS while making alternative lifestyle changes (exercise, diet, available support groups), as well as working closely with my doctor,” she explains.

At that time, the alternative path for her MS was working. Then, she learned that MS is not a condition concerned with being polite and convenient.

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“A relapsing form of MS doesn’t want to show up after you complete your college program, but shows up to accompany you on the ride,” she says. “So, while completing my graduate studies I was told that I had new lesions on my brain which were the reason for the monstrous migraines and the loss of vision in my right eye.”

Rather than sit around feeling hopeless or fighting the unfair disease that attacked her brain, Patricia remembers, “I made the decision that no weapon (MS) formed against me shall prosper. Therefore, knowing that in spite of MS through faith and aligning myself with gifted health professionals a quality life is still possible.”

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“Currently, I continue to use alternative ways along with medications designed to limit reoccurring relapses. MS often stops movement, however, during my journey, I have completed my graduate studies, authored a book – Refreshing Tones for Her, and I am enjoying traveling and spending time with my family and friends.”

MS may be a constant changing journey for Patricia, but she realizes “I’m not on this journey alone and together we keep moving.”


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