Perfect Warm Up Routine Before Any Workout [VIDEO]

Regular exercise is obviously important to maintaining overall health and avoiding serious health problems as we get older. Whether you are a lover of Zumba, spinning, walking, or boot camp, your warm up routine is just as important as the workout itself.

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Here’s 5 reasons to warm up before your next workout and a simple warm up routine video by Sharita J of you can use before cardio or strength training!

1. A good warm up literally warms you from the inside out – as in your body temperature should rise, which is better for your muscles. The warmer you get all over, the more elastic and nimble your muscles will be, making you all the more ready for any workout!

2. Avoid serious stretching before a workout. This is a highly debated topic, but researchers have found a scientific answer: HOLDING stretches (static stretches) before a workout is bad! When you stretch, you trigger muscle relaxation, making muscles a bit weaker than they would be without stretching. If your muscles are tight, you can use a foam roller or you can try dynamic stretches. These are stretches that keep you moving, but still help to ease tight muscles before diving into exercise.