“Plandemic”… Fact or Fallacy?

I received the video on a Thursday. By the end of the weekend, two others had asked for my opinion. Then I started to see comments on Facebook and hear comments on the radio that were alarming. I knew I had to thoroughly review this. A better name for this video would be Scam-demic, because that’s what it is, a scam. The complete video is about 26 minutes.

Since the time I made my comments, several medical websites that I subscribe to for professional information have issued rebuttals to the video. We are all on the same page. What follows are a few of my responses to comments made in the video.

The virus was created in the lab and is not a natural virus

At one point in the video, Dr. Mikovits says it’s very clear this virus was manipulated. Clear to whom? She doesn’t present any evidence to back this very serious claim. She tries to make the case the virus could not have been transmitted naturally to humans from an animal host. She then says a natural process could take up to 800 years. She doesn’t provide documentation for that statement either because it is total nonsense. Viruses can cross species from animals to humans and it has happened several times in recent years with other coronaviruses (SARS1 and MERS) and influenza viruses (e.g. swine flu), and also with Ebola and HIV as examples.