Popular Hair Vlogger Naptural85 Reveals Coconut Oil Is NOT Life

This week natural hair enthusiast, blogger and popular YouTube vlogger Whitney White, better known to her followers as  Naptural85, shared her recent experience on life without the almighty coconut oil.

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Up until recently,  Whitney had been experiencing numerous hair issues such as breakage, hair loss, the inability to retain moisture and severe scalp irritation. In her new video, “Why I Stopped Using Coconut Oil,” she shared that a vitamin D deficiency likely played a role in her hair troubles, but the main culprit, she believes, was coconut oil.

“Now I know that it was coconut oil because ever since I stopped using it my hair has been growing like crazy, all of my symptoms have stopped and I am seeing so much progress,” she says in the video.

Like Whitney, most of us in the natural hair community believed coconut oil to be the holy grail, the Jehovah Jireh, the alpha and the omega, our natural hair moisture provider. Unfortunately, many of us have been lead astray. Coconut oil it’s not the truth, the light or the way.

Previously, I shared an article, “7 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Using Coconut Oil and Shea Butter On Your Hair,” that caused a firestorm in these Internet streets. Experienced Natural Hairstylist Aeleise Jana shared her practical experience while thoroughly explaining the issues that come with the use of coconut oil and shea butter on the hair. These sacred items are known to contribute to hair dryness, which results in dehydrated hair, breakage, extreme shedding and build up. This is especially problematic for those naturals who are not using shampoo regularly (every 7-10 days), if at all.

So if coconut oil isn’t life, what is a girl suppose to do?