Couples Weight Loss: “Create New, Destroy Old”


UPDATE: Congratulations are in order! The Bostons have opened up their very own fitness club and Yoga studio (click on their names to learn more)!

A couple that has been lighting up social media for awhile now are the fit married couple, Rashidat Boston and Billy Boston, Jr. aka, The Bostons. The couple met in a popular fitness group on Facebook. Each person has a cult following of their own in social media for their fitness pics, advice and inspiration. caught up with the Bostons to find out what brought them together and what keeps them motivated as a couple to stay fit.

togetherFrom Mrs. Boston:
Ok. Let’s begin…. My story like many has been an entire evolutionary experience to become who I am today. WISER! In 2010 I was 222 lbs overweight, drug and alcohol abuser and had no clue what peace and happiness was. I thought peace and happiness came from materialistic things, people and yes, I thought if I had the body of my dreams I would be satisfied. Tisk Tisk for me thinking that…. The journey began with my first drastic weight loss in 2010 where I went from 222 lbs to 155 lbs in 9 months. Whoa! I was not happy! Yes. The weight was off but internally I was not at peace. Something was missing. … The weight creeped back up. By 2012 I had been juggling to stay healthy and drug free.

By 2013 when I moved away to Florida my weight got back up to 215 lbs and I started using again….. Dang! Did I give up? Yep! Did I find myself? Yep! Sure did. I found peace by going WITHIN! I started to understand that the perfect body, material things and people didn’t control my peace. I DO! My body is my body. As they say, I am a spiritual being having a human experience. If having the “perfect shape” is your goal please think again… It’s about the Mind.Body&Spirit. Not just body, guys. 100% of your life’s journey is MENTAL!

BDO: How did you know he/she was the one?
You know he/she is the one when it takes the least effort to impress the other person yet everything they do is impressive.BDO: Was there a defining moment that made you want to lose weight/get fit?…