Self-care is a pretty big deal and for good reason! To put it simply, self-care is the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself, so it makes sense that people everywhere are obsessing over starting or maintaining a self-care routine. As a matter of fact, if you log onto Instagram right now, you’ll see over four million posts relating to #selfcare.

But what does self-care look like?

Well, when you glance over the hashtag on Instagram, you’ll notice photos of DIY face masks, aesthetically-pleasing floral bath rituals, posts discussing how to get clear, glowing skin and a ton of other eye-catching posts. Granted, all of these are examples of what to include in a self-care routine to help nourish yourself, but there’s so much more to a self-care routine that can sometimes be overlooked- your mental health.

As the old, accurate saying goes, “beauty is skin deep” and while it’s necessary to treat your body to a nice, warm bath or splurge on a spa facial to achieve baby smooth skin, it won’t do as much if your mind isn’t right. How you feel about yourself internally, reflects on the outside as well, so It’s important to check in often with yourself to make sure you’re doing okay. Whether or not you’re new to starting a self-care routine or you already have one established, here are some mental health necessities to implement into your routine so you can glow from the inside-out.

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