4 Reasons You Are Mosquito Bait (And What You Can Do About It)

couple hiking in woods

Summer means heat, humidity, and yes MOSQUITOES! Have you ever felt that you were simply just a mosquito magnet, waking up the next day with numerous itchy and red bites/bumps? They can be quite annoying, and in some cases, deadly. Find out what may make you more attractive to these pesky insects below:

1. Carbon Dioxide 

Apparently, mosquitoes have a great sense of smell. They prey on certain scents that they can detect from a far distance. According to instructor at the Harvard School of Public Health and adviser to the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, Richard Pollack, “mosquitoes are adept at figuring out where their target is by following their scent. If you were to exercise vigorously, you would produce more carbon dioxide for a brief period, and likely be more attractive to a mosquito.” Other more likely victims are obese individuals and pregnant women. They produce more carbon dioxide on average.

Remedy: If you are exercising outside, be sure to keep your body cool and hydrated by drinking non-sugary drinks.

2. Heat 

Mosquitoes are out to get blood! The best place for them to do this is on an area of the body where they can have easy access. According to Dr. Jonathan Day, a professor of medical entomology at the University of Florida, “before mosquitoes can take a bite they have to find an area of the body where the blood is close to the surface. Common areas include the forehead, wrists, elbows and neck.” If you are overheated you are bound to have blood closer to the surface of the skin. For instance, someone who just got done working out, their blood is pumping heavy and those mosquitoes are looking for them. “They use the heat to very quickly determine where blood is closest to the surface,” said Day.

Remedy: On really hot days that you have to be outside, keep a cool cloth or rag around your neck to cool down your body a few degrees.