Remember To ‘Think B.A.C.K.’ For Multiple Myeloma’s “Ask the Expert” series brings the nation’s leading health experts directly to viewers. In this video, Dr. Craig Cole, Hematologist and Assistant Professor at University of Michigan, discusses multiple myeloma.


The symptoms of myeloma – I like to use the statement, “Think B.A.C.K”. So, with back being the first symptoms or cardinal signs of myeloma.

The B stands for Bones. So, multiple myeloma can affect the bones. It can go to the bone and cause bone pain and infractions. So, the B stands for Bone disease or Bone pain. So, severe pain in the back or unexpected fracture of the bone is a symptom of myeloma.

The A stands for Anemia. The red blood cells are made by the bone marrow. Myeloma is a cancer of the bone marrow. So, the red blood cells can become low and cause myeloma. And so, anemia is the A or low blood count. That can cause fatigue and makes people to be short of breath.