Rev Run: “What You Don’t Confront, You Can’t Fix”

rev runFrom hip-hop royalty spewing out lyrics on “My Adidas”, “Christmas in Hollis Queens”, “Walk This Way” and countless more, Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons of the legendary group, Run DMC, has had success after success. From music to businesses and even his hit reality shows, Run’s House, It’s Not You It’s Men, and Rev Runs Around The World, everything Run touches seems to turn to gold. But there was one place where he admittedly was scared: the doctor’s office.

After hearing that his manager’s father had diabetes it reminded Run that his father as well had diabetes, but he himself had never been screened. Run decided to become involved because he is at risk for the disease – being over the age of 45 and African American. Seeing that his father had it, Run, now 55, is determined not to follow in his footsteps.

“Most people go to the doctors, and sometimes they don’t even ask to get screened,” Run explained.

Run said when he started being an ambassador for type 2 diabetes, he hadn’t yet been screened for diabetes, which made him a little nervous.

“I was scared, I was concerned,” Run said. “I’m a spiritual guy, so I was thinking, ‘Is this a sign?’”

Run said many people are afraid to be screened, but he tells them to do it for their family. Run is married to Justine Jones, and he has six children. His brother is another hip-hop legend, Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam Records.

(Rev Run family [circa 2010])

“First of all, I’m African-American, and I’m over 45,” Run said of his decision to get screened. “I’m getting up there in pounds.”

He has also made a conscious decision to go back to the gym and eat healthier – fruit as a late-night snack, instead of popcorn – and as a result, he’s lost more than 22 pounds.