Scientists Uncover Protein's Weight-Loss Secrets

woman wearing gym clothes holding scaleA study of protein-munching rats shows that a low-carb diet sparks a chain of
biological events that ultimately curbs hunger.

The French researchers explain it this way: Protein, the staple of such
weight-loss regimens, appears to increase glucose production in the small
intestine — the rise of which is monitored by the liver and then registered by
the brain. In turn, the brain sends out an “all full” message, cutting back on
the drive to eat more.

“The current findings provide an answer to the question of how
protein-enriched meals decrease hunger and reduce eating, unsolved up to now,”
the study authors, led by Gilles Mithieux of the Institut National de la Sante
et de la Recherche Medicale in Lyon, France, said in a prepared statement.