Signs You Might Be Settling

You only have one life to live. Though such a common idiom, it’s very powerful one? When you put it into perspective, it allows you to really consider the things you will allow to add and subtract from your life. When it comes to relationships, you should want to spend your life with someone you are head over heels for, and not just in a passionate/lustful way, but in meaningful one. Unfortunately, many people haven’t experienced love like that, and what’s worse many doubt it even exists.

In fact, according to research conducted by University of Chicago sociologist John Cacioppo, “20% of Americans in 2013 (60 million) feel alone and are doubtful of finding love.”

Consequently, what ends up happening is many people settle. Several factors can drive one to settle such as fear of being alone, satisfying a relative like worrisome parents hoping for grandchildren, and financial stability. Whatever the reason, in order to truly find real love, it has to be based upon organic and mutual desire to be together. If you have ever questioned if you need to reconsider your current relationship, be on the lookout for these signs.

1. Sex with your partner is nonexistent or at least NOT enjoyable, so you handle that part yourself…and look forward to it.

2. You entertain the idea of having a long distance marriage. You have envisioned your spouse living in one city and yourself in another….and you are totally fine with it because they are not someone that you want to spend time with on a daily basis.

3. Sleeping in separate rooms frequently is a sign. Health reasons aside, if you are with the right person, you would rather put up with their midnight judo kicks in the back than sleep in a different room.