Sizzling After 60: Build Your Muscles, Relax Your Mind!

There’s a lot of information circulating about meditating these days. Many people swear by it. I must admit, I was a skeptic as you all know I believe in getting to the gym.

Well, as many of you know it’s also been a challenging time regaining my footing since my Mom’s recent passing. The one thing that has been a tremendous help has been–yup–meditating. Taking no more than ten minutes in the morning to calm my mind down, to center my thoughts, to breathe deeply and focus on nothing but that has been more powerful than I could have ever imagined.  No wonder it has been embraced for centuries by people all over the world.

There are as many ways to meditate as there are to read, to pray, to think. What I’ve found matters most is to breathe.  Concentrating on breathing is concentrating on what gives you life, your breath. Inhale and exhale. You can’t live without doing that. And boy, does your breath react when your mind and your body is out of alignment!

It quickens, races, and sends signals to your heart and all of your organs to be on alert! It feels like the