Sizzling After 60: The Power Of Letting Go

As the seasons are changing. We can learn something from tall, strong trees. They shed their leaves in the Fall, they let them go. Yet, the trees continue to grow. Season after season.

And we can learn from the exercise we probably did as kids, the monkey bars. Swinging from one bar to the next. One could be painful at times–hard work. But the reality is, you couldn’t get to the next bar unless you let go of the bar behind you.

What great lessons in life! You can’t grow unless you shed things that no longer serve you, from one season into the next. You can’t move forward unless you let go of things holding you back.

Perspective. Ah, perspective. It always seems so comforting upon reflection. In the thick of things…hard to grab hold of sometimes. That’s why I find it so important to take a moment and let the