Skin & Beauty Q&A With Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton

woman putting product on her skin( — What’s the best way to lighten dark spots? Why is your skin always so oily? What are some of the best foods for your skin? What are some of the best ways to soothe eczema and fight keloids?

The Eucerin/ Skin & Beauty Facebook Q&A event on March 26, 2012, featuring noted dermatologist Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton, was incredible! Dozens of fans took the time to log on and ask the doctor their most urgent skin concerns.

Here is a recap of this insightful skin health discussion:

Rhonda Blackwell asked: “How do I even my complexion? I have light spots and dark rough spots.”

Dr. Ingleton: “Hi Rhonda. To even the complexion, it is best to use products that promote skin cell turnover. For example, products with alpha-hydroxy acid. You can use such products on a daily basis and combine with a sun protection moisturizer. If you continue this for long a enough period, the dark spots will fade and your complexion will brighten. Sometimes professional treatments in a dermatologist’s office are required for persistent areas.”

Michael Best asked: “Hey Dr. Ingleton, can you tell me are there any natural ways to get rid of dark spots on the body? I mean, is there anything I can eat to get rid of dark spots under my eyes or under my arms or other body parts? Thanks!”

Dr. Ingleton: “Hi Michael – I’m not aware of any natural products that will remove dark spots under eyes, underarms, or on your body.”

Domonique Self asked: “I was wondering…why does the facial dermis seem to always be oily? How do you combat oily skin? Is there a way to get rid of dark pimple marks from the face/body?”

Dr. Ingleton: “Domonique, to combat oily skin one approach would be to use a facial cleaner that targets oily skin. Most have salicylic acid and come in gel form. You can also look for oil absorbing products which are typically labeled as oil control. Another option is to not use products with oil, so shop for oil free make up and moisturizers. To reduce the appearance of dark spots on the body, I recommend the use of body lotion with alpha hydroxy acid. A good option is Eucerin’s Intensive Repair. You should combine this with an SPF moisturizer such as Eucerin’s Daily Protection to help prevent and protect your skin from developing additional dark spots.”

Kito Falke Muhammad asked: “I have systemic lupus, and graves disease. What can I do for the raised rashes (they don’t itch), and constant dry patches. Also, taking daily showers, baths, and using any type of soap burns my skins. Sweating burns my skin tremendously, I have to stay in doors. What can I do?”

Dr. Ingleton: “Hi Kito. Lupus is a condition that can affect your entire body and requires that you be under the care of a dermatologist and rheumatologist to handle the rashes on your body. When bathing, I recommend using a body wash that is soothing, such as Eucerin’s Calming Body Wash with omega oils. When you get out of the shower, I recommend a lotion that’s soothing, such as Eucerin’s new Professional Repair.”

Rebecca Oates asked: “Hi Dr. Ingleton, I have dry spots on my face around the nose and mouth area! I am in need of a good cream. Currently I am using Ponds dry skin cream in in those little jars! Still have the spots! Any recommendations? Also one more question – what is also recommended for eczema-related bumps on your hands?”

Dr. Ingleton: “The description of the facial rashes could be seborrheic dermatitis. This condition causes an accumulation of dry skin around the eyes, nose and mouth. I would recommend using a hydrocortisone cream. If this continues, see a dermatologist.”

Jalisa Gibson asked: “Dr. Ingleton: Are there any foods that I can add to my diet to enhance my skin?”

Dr. Ingleton: “Antioxidants work to counteract the free radicals in the environment that cause damage to our skin. They bind and neutralize these radicals so that your skin does not age rapidly. Blueberries, raisins and red grapes are rich in antioxidants.”

Wilma Garren asked: “I have mild keloids. How do I lessen their look and how do I lighten up those elbows?

Dr. Ingleton: “Keloids are an abnormal way of the body healing from an injury. When small, they can be treated with silicone gel plasters, which are available online. You can also flatten keloids by a cortisone injection given by a dermatologist. There are also lasers that can help lessen the appearance of keloids.”

Fem Masha asked: “Whats the best treatment for razor bumps/irritation for black males?”

Dr. Ingleton: “The best treatment for razor bumps is to reduce close shaving of the skin. Use a beard trimmer instead of a razor. If you must use a razor, try using Gillette Pro Glide. You must use a rich shaving cream when shaving and apply an aftershave with an antiseptic or an antibacterial lotion. There are also lasers that can be used to eliminate razor bumps, but you must seek out a dermatologist for this.”

Brittany S. Porter asked: “I have been wearing a lot of make-up over the past few years and have begun to notice that my skin is beginning to depend heavily on it so much that I do not look right without it. Can you provide any advice on how to break away from using make-up daily? Is there a skin repair kit I can purchase? Someone recommended Clinique products. What do you think?

Dr. Ingleton: “It sounds as if you are using makeup to cover a skin flaw. If that is the case I recommend you treat the underlying problem, whether it is acne or another issue, by speaking to a dermatologist. If you wish to use an OTC system, you can try Proactive or DDF Acne Treatment. Once your skin is clearer I believe you can break away from your dependence on make up on an everyday basis.”

Jozef DaKoolfella asked: “How to stop hair loss and grow more hair? Will fasting or even juice fasting with fruits and veggies help slow or stop hair loss.”

Dr. Ingleton: “No, fasting and juice fasting are not known to reduce hair loss. Hair loss is passed on from your parents and the only treatments known to reduce how fast you lose hair are Rogaine (Minoxidyl) or Propecia (this is a prescription tablet).”

Laura H. asked: “Dr. Ingleton, I also have eczema and I can only use Aveenosoap and lotion. Is there anything else I can use?

Dr. Ingleton: “Eucerin Skin Calming Body Wash is designed to soothe skin that is irritated due to eczema. It has omega oils which are soothing to irritated skin. It is also important that you apply a rich and soothing moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower. A good choice would be the Eucerin Daily Replenishing Moisturizing Lotion or even the Skin Calming Creme if you are particularly itchy.”

Tradona Hudson asked: “Do you recommend getting periodic facials?? They use those instruments to extract blackheads, is this helpful or harmful to the skin??”

Dr. Ingleton: “Facials are a good option for those who require deep skin cleansing. The use of the instrument that you describe, if used correctly and by a professional, can effectively help clear out clogged areas. I would not recommend letting a non-professional perform this procedure.”

Ramika asked: “What is a safe and effective way to get rid of dermatosis papulosa nigra on the face and neck?”

Dr. Ingleton: “Dermatosis papulosa nigra (DPN) arrives on our face as a genetic marker of our family. They are most effectively removed with the use of electrodessication – where a doctor zaps the spots with a heated tip. The spots dry and spontaneously fall off within seven days. If done by a professional there are usually no residual marks or spots in the area.”

Gabrielle Monique Timothy asked: “I’m allergic to benzoyl peroxide…what other alternatives do I have?”

Dr. Ingleton: “Assuming you are talking about the treatment of acne, if you’re allergic to benzoyl peroxide, you should try a salicylic acid product. If this does not help, I recommend seeing a dermatologist, as there are many other prescription options that don’t include benzoyl peroxide.”

ShaRaider Etienne LeBeau asked: “Greetings Dr. Ingleton! I’ve been dealing w/a bacterial infection in my leg since a visit to Mexico. It started as a small bump, and started hurting on the outer surface, then this infection formed in it. My Dr took two cultures & put me on antibiotics. I was ok for two weeks, then the infected bumps came again one after the other and I had six within a week. Should I go see a specialist if this continues?”

Dr. Ingleton: “I would recommend that you see an infectious disease specialist. Since you were in Mexico, there are many infectious agents that you may have been exposed to, including fungi, viruses and other conditions that are not common in the US.

Tamese Murray asked: “I have eczema, and when it is inflamed it burns very badly. What can I do to stop the burning and get rid of the dark patches it leaves without aggravating it?”

Dr. Ingleton: “When your eczema is inflamed and burning it probably needs a prescription grade medication to calm eczema. You could also use the Eucerin Skin Calming Body Creme, Original Creme or Eucerin’s Professional Repair. All of these products are formulated to heal and smooth skin that is inflamed from eczema.”

By Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton

As a member of the Eucerin Skin First Council, Rosemarie Ingleton, M.D., lends her clinical and scientific expertise to educating consumers on the importance of making the health of their skin a priority. “I am excited to join the other experts on the Skin First Council to help provide women across the country with useful information to create easy and helpful skincare routines for them and their families,” says Dr. Ingleton. By Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton, BDO Dermatology Expert A trusted authority in general and cosmetic dermatology, skin products and treatments, Dr. Ingleton is a noted leader in treating ethic skin, adult acne and in dermatologic surgery. Her practice prides itself in offering a uniquely advanced and successful approach to the practice of maintaining the health and beauty of the skin. Dr. Ingleton is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital and a Clinical Instructor of Dermatology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Founded in 2010, the Eucerin Skin First Council was created to bring awareness to the importance of skin health. By providing education and tools, Eucerin and the Skin First Council members hope to empower women to make better decisions for themselves and their families about their skincare. Drawing from a diverse section of professional fields including dermatology, medicine, research and lifestyle experts, the Skin First Council demonstrates a holistic approach to skincare that can make a positive impact on overall health. In 2012, the Skin First Council will further the brand’s commitment to creating a skin savvy nation by providing consumers with a platform to discuss the latest innovations in skincare, easy daily regimens to improve skin health as well as remedies for common skin concerns and ailments. This year, Dr. Ingleton is joined on the Eucerin Skin First Council by Dr. Deborah Sarnoff and Alex Kowcz , Vice President Beiersdorf Research & Development. For more information on Eucerin and the Skin First Council, visit