Slick Rick: The Storyteller 35 Years Later

…develop normally in that eye. Covering the stronger eye with a patch is the most common method of treating amblyopia.

To be effective, an eye patch must be worn as directed by your doctor. By providing support and reassurance, you can help your child comply with the patching treatment so that he or she can develop the best vision possible.

“For all of y’all, keep y’all in health, Just to see you smile and enjoy yourself” was one of Slick Rick’s famous lines in “La Di Da Di” over twenty years ago. And Rick is still travelling the world, performing and making sure all of his fans are still smiling 20 years later.

Now sober, in good health and married, the 54-year-0ld legendary MC is a real estate businessman in New York and still does tours and composes songs.