So Much To Do, So Little Time: 6 Easy Ways To Balance Workflow

Image: Unsplash

Let’s face it, when you’re busy, it seems like your to-do list is never-ending. How will you manage to get through a 2-hour meeting while also needing to meet a deadline by 2 PM the same day? The answer is balance.

It isn’t an easy thing to master either. It actually takes practice, however, once you’ve taken these first initial 6 steps, you’ll be a pro!

Make A Day to Day Schedule on Your Phone’s Calendar App
Yes, your iPhone is much more useful than just checking Instagram and Facebook. Click on your phone’s calendar app and start jotting down the things you need to get done in the day. Set times and alerts for at least an hour before you need to get the task done. This will help you start a habit of checking your calendar every day to see what your day really looks like before you agree to go for that long coffee break to Starbucks.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm
And they’re able to get a lot done in a day too! My mother used to always say this mantra to me for literally whatever I did. Everything. Later I found out it was definitely for a great reason. Starting your day bright and early stretches your day, thus you being able to get more done. You just have to stick to a reasonable bedtime, and you’ll be gold.

Utilize Your Alarm Clock For Tasks
Setting an alarm to your