Soap Opera Star Kristoff St. John Hospitalized After Threatening Suicide

(Photo credit: Soap Opera World)

After he reportedly held a gun to his own head, threatening suicide, soap opera Young and the Restless star, Kristoff St. John was hospitalized. He was taken to the hospital for a 72-hour-long psychiatric evaluation following his suicide attempt.

Police sources have revealed that the man’s former wife, boxer Mia St. John was the one who called the police and told them that Kristoff sent her worrying pics of him holding a firearm to his head.

When cops arrived, they confiscated 2 guns and placed Kristoff under a 72-hour hold for mental evaluation. This whole ordeal is close to the three year anniversary of his son Julian’s suicide, who was 24 at the time. Sources say the upcoming anniversary had him very, very upset.

Julian St. John had been struggling with mental illness for a very long time before he decided to end it all on November 23, 2014.

Julian’s lifeless body was found in a bathroom of the mental hospital where he was checked in, with a bag over his head.

On October 12, the actor father took to social media to ask his followers to share Mia and shrink Dr. Drew Pinsky’s photos regarding mental illness.

“There was a point in Julian’s history, in the last three years, where he got worse and worse and so Mia and I were desperate to locate a facility to put him in,” St John told Entertainment Tonight in 2015.

The family decided on La Casa Psychiatric Health Facility in Long Beach, California, but in their lawsuit list a number of problems with the facility, claiming that workers ‘regularly skipped mandatory check-ins and observations of Julian’ and then ‘falsified documents in order to cover up the claimed neglect.’

“He attempted suicide two and a half weeks prior to when he actually completed it and he was supposed to be on suicide watch,” revealed Mia St John, Julian’s mother, in her interview with ET in 2015.

The lawsuit claims this meant that Julian was to be checked on every 15 minutes, but that at the time of his death it had been almost an hour since an employee looked in on the young man.

The St. John’s lawsuit was settled but no terms were divulged.