Is Social Media Hurting Your Sex Life?

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Surfing the emotionally charged pathways of social media has become a favorite pastime of millions around the world thanks to the easy access provided by cell phones and portable tablets. Hours upon hours are spent with eyes glued to the fluorescent lights of tiny screens absorbing the life experiences of others, but could this increased interest in web surfing take a negative toll on one’s sex life? Researchers have linked frequent social media use to a negative dip in self esteem and overall well-being, which is directly linked to dips in libido.

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According to a small study conducted by University of Salford in the UK, social media does more harm than good to personal well-being. About half of the participants in the study, all identifying themselves as social media users, admitted that “their self-esteem suffers when they compare their own accomplishment to those of their online friends”, thus adding to a decline in their overall well-being.


In addition to confidence issues, “two-thirds of the participants claim they find it difficult to relax or sleep after spending time on social networks.”

Low self-esteem, stress and a lack of sleep are common causes of less than spectacular sexual experiences or a decrease in libido. Stress is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction, which affects 30 million men across America according to experts, and is an issue that leads many men feeling incompetent and less interested in being intimate.

Seems that the inadvertent stress that comes from a lack of sleep due to late nights of lurking on Facebook for twerk videos may be adding to a list of reasons why one’s sex life is becoming stifled.

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People are faced with accomplishments, body types and even stories of sexual experiences via social media on a daily basis that create a constant comparison against another and often plays on a person’s self-esteem. If logging on to your favorite social media sites is creating a perception of personal image that is less than pleasurable, it may be time to limit your use.

Social media is a great way to meet new people and build great experiences, but too much time spent in the virtual world has proven to have a negative effect on overall health, which in turn affects the libido. If you believe social media is putting a damper on your sex life, make changes today to prevent further damage from occurring. Try curling up with a book or having conversation with your special someone before bed instead of surfing the Internet.


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