Spa of the Week: The Palms in Turks & Caicos

Photo: Turks & Caicos Reservations

It’s confirmed! White sand beaches and moonbathing experiences do exist. Just head on over to The Palms in Turks & Caicos, an award-winning spa resort located at the heart of Grace Bay Beach. Lay back in a bowl of luxury as your feet melt on the warmest layers of sand and relaxation.

Seriously, if you need a release (we all need it now and then!), The Palms in Turks & Caicos won’t disappoint. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a signature drink and soothing cold towel as you walk to one of the apartment-style suites.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to pack like a minimalist because this stylish space offers a full suite of accommodations…including laundry facilities! You can get the comfort of being at home without the responsibilities of work as you relax along a mesmerizing beachfront (the beauty is real!).

Check out the spa as soon as you can. You’ll want as much time as possible to enjoy the host of