Steve Harvey Takes Healthy Living To Primetime TV

steve harvey showSteve Harvey has a long and illustrious career as a comedian, television host, radio personality, actor and author. One of his ongoing accomplishments is being the host of his own show, Steve Harvey . On his show, he discusses numerous health and fitness regimens – invaluable information that you missed if you were not watching. The following information can change your life for the better. Read on!

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Proper Diet

Harvey regularly invites chefs with healthy cooking ideals to his show to share their recipes. These chefs have prepared specific meals with instructions. For example, Fabio Viviani is a well known Italian chef brought on to the show to detail a healthy, yet tasteful dish that he recommends: baked halibut with spinach, orange and pistachio. Check out the ingredients/directions for cooking here.

Chef Judson Allen also has a segment on the Steve Harvey show to explain his five commandments to weight loss. Check it out here.

However, diet is just one aspect of healthy living. Next is a workout routine.


Just like chefs, Steve Harvey invites fitness experts to his show to reveal their information on healthy exercise regimens. Ladies, do you want the perfect butt? Well, if you do, the best way to achieve this is by exercise. Steve Harvey sheds some light on how to accomplish this with fitness trainer Brett Hoebel here.

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Fellas, Steve Harvey has got you covered, too! The show featured an intense 60 second workout focused on the abdominal muscles. Check it out below.


Moreover, the show features workout routines that are enjoyable and fun. Here’s how you can get fit on a trampoline!