Steve Harvey’s Weight Loss Secret


What is Steve Harvey’s weight loss secret? The comedian and radio personality has lost an amazing amount of weight over the past few years, and is well-known for having showcased different trainers, exercise equipment and fitness moves during his weight loss journey.

But what about his food?

His personal chef, Judson Todd Allen, can answer that question.

But first, who’s Judson Todd Allen?

Prior to teaming up with Steve Harvey, Chef Judson Todd Allen had won his own battle with weight, losing more than 135 pounds. Afterwards, he auditioned for the “Next Food Network Star’’ four times before joining the 2012 cast.

When explaining how he met Harvey, Allen says:

“I heard on the radio Steve Harvey was looking for a chef in Chicago,” said Allen. “I was in Tennessee when my business manager called and told me to fly home. I prepared my classic pecan encrusted Chilean sea bass served on top of roasted garlic, sautéed spinach infused with lemon and herbs.” Harvey finished the meal and told Allen, “I’ll see you on Monday!”  Since Steve Harvey’s daytime TV show began, Judson has helped Steve lose 10 pounds within the first five weeks without dieting or exercise.

A background in food science helps the Chicago native mirror Harvey’s varied weight loss and muscle mass goals and says his boss is very well rounded in both diet and nutrition.

During a weight-loss detox, Allen’s European-influenced culinary skills were essential in creating Harvey’s rich and creamy soups, prepared without butter or dairy.

“I roasted cauliflower and parsnips blended with garlic and herbs,” Allen says.

While Allen has helped Harvey lose weight, Harvey has also helped Allen advance his business goals, and was instrumental in the launch of Allen’s signature Chef Judson’s All-purpose Habanero Hot Sauce. Promoted as less hot and more flavor, it’s an all-natural and low-sodium sauce that Harvey, who loves hot sauce, is a huge fan of.