Steven Beck: Faith, Family & Fitness

(Photo credit: TheStevenBeck Instagram)

When asked what fitness trainers inspire them the most, our staff and fans sent in a number of notable men and women. But when we started seeing a particular name keep popping up–Steven Beck–we knew we had to find out more. The handsome father has been modeling for years and helped train some notable celebrities in the process. On his social media, Steven shares a mix of scriptures, inspirational messages and fitness tips to keep his followers going.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Steven Beck developed an early passion for the fitness and entertainment industries. By the time Steven was a teenager, he was already making a name for himself in his hometown as an athlete and singer. Even though he was the captain of his high school football team, being on stage was Steven’s first love. He would frequesnt the stage as a singer at county fairs and talent shows. By 2008, the unsigned 17 years old, talented singer was opening for acts such as H-Town and Sean Kingston.

“I didn’t always look exactly like this,” admits Steven. “I’ve always been in shape but it wasn’t until I took my fitness and made it a whole lifestyle. I tell my clients and my peers it’s a lifestyle change, you have to be mentally ready and physically ready cause it’s not going to happen overnight. And as much as I’m a teacher, I’m a student. I’m always interested in finding new ways to look a certain way or to build my body…”

In 2009, Steven enrolled at Arizona State University to study business, but he left during his sophomore year to pursue a music career. He then relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2010. He eventually made his way to the UK where he toured, performed, and physically trained with some of the best individuals operating at the top of their artistry in London.

(Photo credit: TheStevenBeck Instagram)

At the end of his UK experience, Steven found himself back in Phoenix. But by 2012, the model started securing a variety of fitness-based gigs and improving on his physique. Shortly after, Steven completed his certification and schooling with the National Personal Training Institute & National Academy of Sports Medicine and earned his certification in sports medicine and nutrition.

(Photo credit: TheStevenBeck Instagram)

According to his website, In 2013, Steven was hired by various sports organizations as a personal trainer to assist some of the world’s top athletes in physical development and maintenance. Steven’s skills, connections in his field, online/ personal training, and large social media following led him to become a brand ambassador for ASD Performance and Swoldier Nation. While perfecting his craft and gaining notoriety, Beck began training known celebrities. He’s trained acts such as Jonica “Blu” Booth (Bad Girls Club’s), Shekinah Jo (Tiny & Shekinah Weave Trip), and Gabrielle Union (Being Mary Jane) just to name a few.