4 Tips To Stop Settling For Less In Your Relationships

As women, we sometimes land ourselves in relationships that aren’t favorable. Many women accept and embrace the affections of men who have multiple women or are even married, relationships with no title, sex without romance or emotions, abuse, mistreatment and downright disrespect. Women are emotional creatures with the need to feel love and affection, and this innate need will sometimes cause a woman to accept things that she typically wouldn’t allow if led by her sense of logic.

If you are a woman that has fallen for a man who treats you less than what you would normally allow, don’t beat up on yourself.  Love (or lust) can sometimes numb our logic and it happens to the best of us. Want to know how to avoid the trap of falling for anything just to say “I got a man”?  Take a look at these solid pieces of advice and start on a journey towards better treatment and value of self.

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