My Story: “Dangerously In Love And Almost Had A Stroke At 24”

Rashida KhanBey black and white
It was the middle of the day and I was in bed sobbing. I sent a text to one of my closest friends asking for relationship advice. For the fiftieth time, her response was, “It’s time to leave.”

Hearing what I already knew broke me down even more. I thought this was the ‘love of my life’, how could yet another relationship fail? I couldn’t see how my attachment to making this relationship work was worrying me into an early grave.

Constantly sobbing on the bathroom floor, at my friend’s house, in bed, on the phone, while watching TV was driving my blood pressure through the roof. I had migraines and intense anxiety attacks. My body was so exhausted, all I could do was sleep.  My blood pressure started spiking to 220/174 and I was having sharp pains from the front to the back of my head nonstop.  The pain was so intense I stopped resisting and took myself to the ER.

When I finally went to the doctor they were surprised (and elated) that I hadn’t stroked out. I was stressed to barely nothing and in my need to look like I “had it all together” I fell apart.

I remember having yet another argument with my then partner that made me realize that we were both bringing toxic energy into the space. Something in me said, “Love, it’s time to move on.”  I saw clearly that…