Super-Producer DJ Mustard’s Amazing 100-Pound Weight Loss

Dijon Isaiah McFarlane, professionally known as DJ Mustard, has created multi-platinum selling songs for just about everyone in the hip-hop and R&B category. From Jamie Foxx to YG, to Snoop Dogg to Chris Brown, Mustard has been making music professionally since age 15. When Mustard was 11 years old, his uncle, a DJ, let him DJ at a family party. He acquired his DJ name from the condiment dijon mustard because his first name is also Dijon. Mustard began DJing more as he got older, and became much more skilled at it. DJ Mustard then very often DJed in clubs.

Those who follow Mustard have seen a noticeable difference in his appearance. He has lost over 100 pounds over the past 8 – 12 months and he’s loving it.

During an interview on daytime talk show “The Real,” he explained that his love for designer clothes inspired and his rapidly growing young son inspired him to lose the weight.

“I like dressing in designer clothes and it’s hard to buy them if you are overweight,” he said. “And I got tired of like going in the stores and then it was like I couldn’t fit in anything. And overall, I wanted to be healthy. And you know, my son runs around the house and I wanted to be able to catch him.”

He emphasized that the key to his weight loss was diet. “I did a lot of water. I did no carbs at all. Basically no sugar.” He added that he got weight-loss tips from Dr. Dre and initially didn’t exercise. “I didn’t start working out until I started seeing results. And I was like, ‘I got to keep this going.'”

“I stayed away from sodas and juices and stuff and it all worked.”

DJ Mustard isn’t the hip hop artist to lose a large amount of weight. Dr. Dre, Timbaland and Rick Ross are just a few of the hip-hop stars who have dropped major pounds and had a transformation.


We like this trend of the younger generation getting healthy. Keep it up Mustard!