Superbrain Yoga: 3-Minutes That Increase Brain Power

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “no exercise can make me smarter”, right? Well, I was a little skeptical at first too. Until I started doing research and saw the results. This exercise, being called “Superbrain Yoga” is meant to pump up cell and neuro activity in the brain, and it seems to be working amazingly.

Improved brain function has been seen in the elderly, those with autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, or other development challenges. It’s even helped those who are just “foggy” sometimes and those who have a problem with short-term memory.

Based on the research of Dr. Joie P. Jones of the Dept. of Radiological Sciences at the University of California, the exercise works using the body’s energy centres which absorb, digest, and distribute energy to different parts of the body. These primary energy centres are actually major acupuncture points. Acupressure energy points for the brain, eyes, forehead, mouth, ovaries, parotid, temples, and testes congregate around the area of the ear affected by pressure from the exercise. In addition, the finger pads used in the exercise stimulate neuropathways into the brain by activating acupuncture points on the earlobes. According to Dr. Jones, after doing the exercise, an EEG scan shows the right and left hemispheres of the brain have synchronized.

When done correctly, the Superbrain Yoga exercise helps the energy trapped in the lower energy centres move up through the physical body’s other major centres. As the energy travels upwards, it passes through the practitioner’s heart centre and fills it with feelings of calm and inner peace. When the energy moves up further into the throat and beyond, the practitioner’s intelligence and creativity are improved. Other benefits include regulation of the sex drive, which is especially important for teenagers.

(Super brain yoga or thoppukaranam in Indian culture)

Here’s how to do it (7 steps):

1. Face East. For the elderly, face North.

2. Remove any jewelry and connect your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Leave it there throughout the exercise.

3. Take your left hand, cross your upper body to take hold of your right earlobe with thumb and forefinger. Make sure that the thumb is in front.