5 Ways You Never Thought To Use Essential Oils

orange essential oil

According to self-proclaimed essential oil guru and founder of H. Gillerman Organics, Hope Gillerman, these oils are very effective problem solvers. Find out how below:

1. Flatten your stomach

Need to get rid of bloating? Not a problem. “Reduce bloating with peppermint in a blend,” Gillerman says. “Place four to six drops (depending on skin sensitivity) in a circle around your belly button, and smooth it in with one light stroke—no need to massage it in.”

2. Freshen your closet

Stepping into your beautiful walk-in closet can now be an even more enjoyable experience. Try spraying some type of geranium oil mixture onto a small towel and hang it up in your closet. This will not only freshen the air, but will keep your clothes smelling as good as they did when they came out the wash!

3. Detox

Yes, I am sure you have heard of the benefits of lemon water, but who always has time to juice a lemon? A concentrated lemon oil put in some water will also do the trick! Lemon water is great for your liver, blood sugar levels and even acts as a mild diuretic.

4. A better pedicure

Getting a pedicure can be relaxing, but nothing is worse than worrying about how clean the basins are. Try rubbing your feet with an anti-fungal oil like lemongrass, cedarwood, sage, cinnamon or clove before you go. This will allow you to relax and be worry free. All are great options to add power to your treatment!