My Story: “I Got Sick & Tired Of Starting Over”


Tasha was active most of her life.  She loved exercising, dancing, and more through high school but when she got to college, it was a different story. She gained weight pushing her over 235 pounds where her blood pressure rose and she started to develop back pain. She knew something had to be done and started to try, then stopped. Started again and stopped again. But here’s what happened that really made her change and how she’s helping other women and men lose their weight too.
BDO: What was the defining moment that made you want to start losing weight?
My starting weight was about 265lbs and I came to the stark conclusion that if I didn’t make a drastic change on how I was living my life I was going to be over 300lbs before I knew it; and that instantly frightened me. My weight was increasing every year and I started to develop low back pain and high blood pressure and I simply felt I was too young to be this weight. I got tired with being uncomfortable, depressed, and living at this weight. I felt like I was carrying the world on my shoulders and I had to do something about it or else it would consume me.

BDO: What was the hardest part about losing weight and getting healthy?
The hardest part about getting this journey started was that initial push to be 100% committed to this lifestyle. I FINALLY got to the point where fully committing to leading a healthier life was my only option to save me. I got sick and tired of seeing myself starting over 847 times that I had to choose this healthier route; committing actually saved me from being sad and depressed. Once I committed to the journey I looked to the consistency as a form of convenience, sanity, and as an outlet. I felt in control and that I was doing something positive for myself; I was taking control of my life. I am now a business owner of my own fitness studio that trains others on a full-time basis to assist them take control over their lives and reach their fitness goals.

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BDO: How did your relationships change when you started this journey?
Once I started on this journey, my personal relationships didn’t change much. I took this journey on by myself so I didn’t look to others for support I relied solely on self-determination to reach these goals; I was so in a zone I didn’t let other people’s ideas influence mine. Once I started on my journey, I couldn’t look to my family for support because they weren’t the healthiest and they weren’t physically active. My friends were small/average size so I couldn’t look to them for real support; they were encouraging but they couldn’t really identify with what I was going through because they were never overweight. They just looked at me as a friend not an overweight person.


BDO: What is a typical workout for you look like?
A typical workout for me is 60 minutes long. I train 5 days a week. Workouts are of high intensity, lifting moderately heavy to heavy weight. I do combination exercises to work several muscle groups at a time, sprint intervals while doing cardio, and exercises solely using my body weight to strengthen my core. Little rest within the workout to maximize calories burned and to work up a good sweat!

BDO: If someone wants to lose weight like you, what would you tell them?
3 things: 1) Mentally commit yourself to include exercising and eating right into your week on a consistent basis REGARDLESS of how busy your schedule, family responsibilities, drama you have going on…