Taye Diggs: Toned For The Holidays

tayediggsOne of his most memorable scene-stealing moments of actor Taye Diggs is when he showed his body on the blockbuster movie, “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.” Since then the actor has been showing his signature smile on popular Broadway musical “Rent”, the “Best Man”  and “Best Man Holiday” movie franchises and top-rating television series Private Practice. Here, he shares on diet and exercise routine that sculpted and got his body ready for action.

Taye Diggs diet involves diet low carbohydrate which allows him to limit his daily caloric intake through reduced consumption of carbohydrates, from 20 to 60 grams per day.

At the same time, Taye Diggs’ diet allows him to eat lots of protein and fat to counterbalance the caloric intake, it may obtain previously carbohydrate healthy. Taye’s diet is essential for weight loss, and for bodybuilding.

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An example of a diet of Taye Diggs on a typical day plan includes:

Breakfast: egg, fresh vegetables, low-carbohydrate, milk biscuits and snacks morning cereal
Lunch: fruit and nuts Lunch: soups, salads, rolls and envelopes containing fruits and vegetables to low carbohydrate content.
Dinner: breast of chicken or low-carb pasta

Taye likes to play his favorite sport basketball to stay fit, but also includes soccer with his son, which he stated is a goal of his to keep his son active. Both are good forms of cardiovascular exercise.

His exercise routine also includes lifting weights and pilates. He uses pilates to counter the muscle-building of the weights, and to stay flexible and toned.