Teen Drinking Today: Better Or Worse?

A close up of beer

What are today’s teenage drinking statistics?

According to a new study, there’s a surprising new drinking trend for young people.

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About three-quarters of American high school students say they don’t drink alcohol, a new study has found.

The top five reasons why teens said they don’t drink are:

  • It’s illegal
  • It can harm health
  • It can affect school grades
  • Parents don’t approve
  • They don’t want to be like others who drink.

The poll of 695 high school students also found that more than half said they’d be less likely to be friends with or date someone who is an underage drinker.

The survey findings were released by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) as part of Red Ribbon Week (Oct. 21-25), a national campaign in which schools and communities help raise awareness about the dangers of drug and alcohol use among youth.

“As adults, we know how dangerous underage drinking is for our kids, but these new survey results show that teens are getting the message, too,” MADD national president Jan Withers said in a news release from the group.

While the findings offer some positive news, underage drinking still results in the deaths of 4,700 young Americans each year. That toll is higher than for all other drugs combined, according to MADD.