Teyana Taylor: Dancing Her Way To A Beautiful Body

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After Kanye West dropped his music video, “Fade” at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, people weren’t necessarily talking about the song so much. It was the video’s lead model/actress, Teyana Taylor that had everybody talking about #bodygoals. In the video, it was clear to see, her body was nothing short than amazing even for the now 28-year-old.

A number of people have now named her their fitness inspiration, but her fitness routine isn’t the traditional fitness program or strict diet that you may have assumed.

The video showed Taylor in just a sports bra, kneepads, and a thong, and even had West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, talking. Kim even showed a little girl crush on Taylor in a social media post after the video premiered. “Ok just woke up & watched the Fade video again for my Monday morning gym motivation. Thank you @TEYANATAYLOR,” the E! reality star tweeted. “You guys!!! @TEYANATAYLOR has the best body ever!!! Like no joke and just had a baby!!!!”

The wife of Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Iman Shumpert (and mom of daughter Junie, 2 months) tells E! News, “Dancing is my workout. I just dance. I almost feel like dance is so underrated in the fitness world.”

A source reaffirms the fact, telling E! News, “Teyana Taylor has always just had a crazy dope body and the way she ‘works out’ is dancing in the studio. That’s her workout.”


And science has proved that to be true too. Dancing not only can burn up to 600 calories a half hour, but can tone and shape your legs, hips, and butt in some of the most fun ways.

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Veteran choreographer and artistic director Jae Blaze, who has worked with Rihanna, Will Smith, Jennifer Hudson, and more, choreographed this video as well and spoke about the moves Teyana did so effortlessly.

“There is this particular movement called ‘bruk back,’ says Blaze. “It’s a Jamaican dancehall dance, created by the dancers Outshine Crew. It’s basically very gritty, a very earthy movement where you pound your back. Kanye gave us a vision on how to incorporate some other locking and popping movement into that particular dance move, and you see Teyana doing it there in the video.”


(photo credit: Kanye West fade screenshot)

Dancing and singing isn’t the only thing on the mind of this talented mother. Taylor is also a businesswoman.

In 2013, Taylor signed a deal to design and release two pairs of sneakers with Adidas. The first pair released were the Harlem GLC’s which hit stores February 16 the same year. According to Adidas Global Director of Entertainment and Influence Marketing, Jonathan Wexler, Taylor currently holds the record for fastest-selling sneakers in Adidas Originals history.

Taylor admits that she is currently focused on designing and releasing her…