THE NECESSARY EQUATION: Father + Mother = Healthy Baby

In addressing the infant mortality crisis, nationwide, infant deaths are 2.5 times higher for black babies than white. Maternal stress during pregnancy has been associated with increased rates of preterm delivery.

This is because stress may affect black women at a higher rate given the stress caused by chronic racism, poverty, and discrimination that many black women, despite their socio-economic background, face.

Taking into consideration the risk of poor birth outcomes is higher for infants born to black women whose babies’ fathers were absent during their pregnancies, it is important to systematically involve African American men in an effort establish equity in birth outcomes.

As efforts continue to reduce infant mortality in high-risk communities, policies are needed to increase male involvement in the maternal and child arena. It is understood that generations of perniciousness, including false historical narrative characterizing black men as uncommitted fathers, has unfairly shaped the public perception of an entire population of people.

This has been the motivation in part behind