Think You're Too "Invincible" For Health Insurance?

A doctor taking a teenager's pulseYoung adults overwhelmingly value health insurance and don’t believe they are too healthy to need it, according to a recent survey.

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The findings of the poll by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation could have significant implications for the prospects of President Barack Obama’s health care reform law.

Enrolling large numbers of younger, healthier people into health insurance is key to keeping premiums affordable for everyone. Moreover, young people are uninsured at higher rates than older people and tend to have lower incomes. But Obamacare skeptics maintain that young people don’t obtain health insurance because they don’t believe they’ll get sick and find themselves with medical bills to pay.

Among people aged 18 to 25, 77 percent said having health insurance was personally important to them and 76 percent said it was something they needed. The percentages were somewhat smaller for people aged 26 to 30 and were lower for young people than for the population at large. The telephone poll surveyed 1,505 people and was conducted this month.

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