True Dangers of Plastic Surgery in The Dominican Republic

Let’s talk about it. It is widely known and even accepted that women from all over the U.S. and even the world are finding themselves in the Dominican Republic to receive their turn on the plastic surgery train. When top televised shows like Love & Hip-Hop and Basketball Wives display the results every-so lovely, any woman can picture themselves in the curated body as well. With that, some women are even willing to skip town to get the job done.

U.S. health officials are warning about the dangers of “medical tourism” after at least 18 women from the East Coast became infected with disfiguring bacteria following plastic surgery procedures they had in the Dominican Republic.
The infections, caused by a type of germ called mycobacteria, can be difficult to treat. At least several of the women had to be hospitalized, undergo surgery to treat the infection and take antibiotics for months, according to the report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

One expert said the effects can be devastating.

“It’s a very mutilating infection. They’re going for cosmetic surgery, and they will be scarred. It’s a terrible scenario for people to go down there, get surgery and come back worse than they imagined they could be,” said Dr. Charles Daley. He is a Denver infectious disease physician whose clinic has seen patients infected after undergoing these kinds of procedures in the Dominican Republic.

According to the CDC, 21 women from six Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states appear to have