The Vixen Workout

Sometimes we need more than a good sweat to feel fulfilled after a workout. Sometimes we need to feel inspired and uplifted. Sometimes it’s more about feeling like we’ve found our tribe. Workouts are meant to break down our muscles, but there’s no rule that says they can’t build us up emotionally!

The Vixen Workout, which got its start in Miami, Florida, works to do just that. The format was founded by Janet Jones-Veloso, who left her dance and entertainment career to enter corporate America. This shift was made to find some normalcy as she yearned to be more “accepted” in society.

She began to feel as though she was playing a role, not allowing her light to really shine and realized that women around her were doing the same. In order to help other women feel how she felt when she would perform for huge crowds prior to her career change, Janet came up with the Vixen Workout.

The Vixen Workout is a dance fitness format that uses commercial choreography, stage lighting, and popular music and mixes to create a performance experience. The mission of the Vixen Workout is to give a new edge to pop culture by merging dance, fashion, music, and fitness. Their goal is to create a sense of community while providing a true experience for each client. I was lucky enough to try this workout and I must say that it was definitely an experience.

What I liked most about the class is that they start the class with a set of affirmations, something I’m really