There’s Been an Uptick in Anxiety Among Creative Millennials: What Now?

Young creatives are overworked and stressed out according to a survey by the nonprofit professional organization InSource and the software company inMotionNow. The survey polled 400 in-house creative workers–including marketers, creatives, and assorted managers–and found that the speed at which creative teams are expected to work and the volume of demand for their work were respondents’ No. 1 and No. 2 concerns, respectively.

Of course, the creative sector is not alone in feeling pressured to tackle more projects in less time. But as the survey suggests, creative workers are often in a unique position, working in small teams to meet the needs of many other parts of an organization.

Eighty-five percent of those surveyed said they serve 10 or more internal stakeholders; 60% serve 20 or more, and 38% serve 50 or more. According to the report, “It’s not uncommon for a team of fewer than 10 creatives to support the demands of 50+ stakeholders in business with $500 million or more in revenue.”


Firstly, there’s always an exorbitant amount lot of creative work to do. The companies of yesteryear could get away with