Beyond Food: 5 Surprising Things That Affect Your Blood Sugar

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When you have diabetes, unexpected blood sugar fluctuations are bound to happen, but certain foods and beverages aren’t always to blame. Here are five other factors that can cause your blood sugar to get a little out of whack.

1. Stress

When you’re stressed, your body responds by causing your blood sugar levels to rise as a way to combat the stress. Cut back on stress by setting aside at least 15 minutes every day for yourself. Take a walk, go for a jog, meditate, listen to music, watch those TV shows you DVR’d weeks ago but haven’t had the time to watch back yet – it’s up to you!

2. Lack of sleep

Do you remember the article we published titled, “Surprising Effects of Sleep Deprivation”? Well, here’s yet another reason to get a good night’s sleep. According to a study published in the journal Diabetes Care, when people with type 1 diabetes were restricted to only four hours of sleep, they were more sensitive to insulin compared to those who received a full night of sleep.

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3. Medications for other conditions

Be leery of any prescription drugs you take for any health issues besides diabetes as they can affect your blood sugar levels. For example, steroids – which are often used for treating rashes, arthritis, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases (lupus, MS, HIV/AIDS, etc.), and asthma – can cause your blood sugar levels to skyrocket. Other medications, including birth control and some antidepressants, can also affect your blood sugar. Be sure to talk with your doctor before adding any new medications to your routine.

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4. Dehydration

If you’re a diabetic, it’s especially important to drink plenty of water throughout the day because…