5 Things You Should NOT Do At The Gym

A man doing crunches at the gymGetting to the gym is hard enough- so now that you’re there let’s make it count. Not all fitness machines/equipment are created equal. Some are worth exploring, but tons are honestly a complete waste of time. Not sure what camp your favorite gym activity falls in? Read this and get ready to take the work out of your workout.

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Treadmill Dreadmill

The number one reason why people join gyms is for the cardio machines- and the #1 cardio machine is the treadmill. I mean, this popular machine is excellent for winter running or even for a good ol’ power walk, however here’s the deal: they are boring. Constantly clocking miles on a conveyer belt can lead to lackadaisical workouts if you aren’t careful. So spice things up by adding an incline or by throwing in some interval work the next time you sweat it out on the treadmill. By ramping things up you are telling your body, “Hey, I came to work. Not chill.”