Think Twice Before Getting Another Powder Gel Manicure!

We know how frustrating it is to sit in the nail salon for hours, painstakingly waiting until your manicurist has completed your full set before looking down and realizing that you’ve smudged your nails.

Powder dip manicures — one of Pinterest’s top trends for 2019 — boast long-lasting manicures that won’t crack or smudge. This trend has taken over most nail salons.

We are well aware of the pros of this nail polish alternative, but what about the cons? Here’s a breakdown of what you should know before you request a dipped manicure.

1. There’s No Harmless UV light

While the UV light isn’t a concern so much for skin cancer under the nail because light does not penetrate the nail completely, it’s risky because the tops of the hands are