This App Is Making Healthy Dining Easy!

schedule and send date/meetup requests so that networking and community building are made easy. Messaging also allows users to encourage and support each other along their journey of living a healthy lifestyle.

The app’s creator, Ebony McCormick, made the Healthy Dining App around the core idea that “no vegan needs to dine alone”. Throughout time bonds have been built over food, from family dinners to business meetings over a fancy spread.

Food has as been a uniting element in all cultures, however for those transitioning into new eating and diet habits meals can become lonely and isolated. The Healthy Dining App team aims to ensure that vegans and vegetarians do not spend meal time alone when there are millions of people who share the same diet concerns.

Once fully transitioned to a vegan diet, McCormick quickly began to notice an overall improvement in how she felt and general health. She told us she “could not fathom why others who experienced this change would revert back to old habits”. After months of research and interviews with individuals who did not maintain the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, she found that lack of convenient options and support from others along the journey often outweighed the health benefits.

McCormick recalls along her own journey of transitioning to a healthier diet and lifestyle having difficulties finding food options as well as like-minded people to have healthy conversations with. These obstacles became her spark of inspiration for the Healthy Dining App, which is now helping others across the world solve the same problems.

As a black woman in the tech industry, she wants to set an example for her son and other children of color “to show that any and everything is possible”. She tells us that feedback has been great and over the next few months there will continue to be more updates to improve user experience and app performance.


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