This App Is Making Healthy Dining Easy!


With a McDonald’s, Chick-fil-a or Taco Bell seemingly on every corner, finding vegan or vegetarian options appear to be few and far between. However, what if you had the ability to see all of the healthy food options in your area just as easily as you can see the Golden Arches?

Well, the “Healthy Dining” app is a mobile application, available for both Android and iPhone, designed to help vegans, vegetarians and those who are interested in healthier eating discover options in their area. Using your phone’s GPS the Healthy Dining App is able to see your location and show you all of the healthy food options in the area, no matter where you are in the world!

Whether you are starting to work out or changing your diet, making lifestyle changes are tough especially if you don’t have the support of those around you. One of my favorite features about the Healthy Dining App is the community it creates amongst users.

Using a swipe feature users can connect with other healthy eaters in their area to share recipes, hidden food gems and even meet in person to share a meal. So even if you are the only one in your family or friends circle on the vegan, vegetarian or healthy eating journey, you can always find a match and companion for a great meal.

The Healthy Dining App is sleek and easy to use, from the home screen you are automatically shown trending and popular restaurants in your area as well as quick access to your favorites. The “Interest List” & “Request List” tabs make it easy to find people nearby that share your proclivity for healthy dining.

When you find your match Healthy Dining makes it easy to