This Fitness Challenge Will Keep You Focused & Fit!

Just as you kick your holiday plans into high gear, Coach Sharita Jennings of Get Fit Like That is giving us an early gift: The 25 Days of Fitness Challenge.

This fitness challenge is (almost) painless, and will help you stay motivated even during the busiest of times of December. Because this challenge only requires one exercise a day, you can always make time to get in even a short sweat, whether you’re traveling, working overtime, or “helping Santa” find last-minute gifts for the family.

Speaking of family, the 25 Days of Fitness Challenge can be something you can do with the entire family. In fact, the more people you get to join you, the more likely you’ll finish the whole challenge and actually stay on top of your fitness goals before the new year.

How It Works

The #GetFitLikeThat 25 Days of Fitness Challenge starts on December 1st. To get started all you’ll need is the challenge calendar that you can get from @GetFitLikeThat on Instagram. Then, to help you perform the daily moves, you can watch the